I have displayed my art at several  markets and will be expanding to regular  slots at many of these.

  First stage: I use several mediums,  sometimes all at        together, from watercolour pencils to coptic markers.

All of this was made possible through the support of my wonderful wife Sue, and our amazing kids.

  My Drawings

Hi my name is Darren Richards and I created Snowball Art in May 2015. I have always been passionate about art and drawing, but after completing my GCSE Art exam with an A, I decided to carry on my education without including art. Big mistake!

For most of my adult life I only drew or painted sporadically, however after spending many years in Finance as a Mortgage Advisor for large Banks and Building Societies my wife Sue and I decided on a career change.

Sue started her own company specialising in management and consulting while I became a house husband. This meant not only could we both spend more time with our amazing children, but I was able to devote more time to my passion to draw.

After doing some courses I invested in a new computer and drawing tablet so I could work digitally. Most of my artwork is mixed media, that means I may use pastels pencils, ink, coptic markers, water colours all on one picture. But I found that then uploaded my original artwork to digital to me to another level. Some of my artwork is purely digital, some of it a mixture of mediums.

​I discovered early on that drawing animals was my greatest talent, although comic book drawing was originally what I focused on. After creating a Facebook and Instagram account I was receiving a lot of positive feedback and requests to do commissions. So things began to snowball - hence the name!

After mainly focusing on commissions for 2015, from 2016 onwards I have focused on selling my own artwork. I now have a partnership with Children's specialist Jurnie. They have an amazing store in Solihull and a fantastic website. Through them I sell my complete Baby Animals Range.

All my other work is available directly through me, I have also began selling my artwork at several venues. In particular I have a regular monthly stall at Middleton Hall Market, a beautiful venue!

Thank you for visiting my website and looking at my art.


 Second stage: If I want to improve textures, or

  add other  layers I upload my drawings  

 digitally. Drawing digitally allows me to use a      ​​pen and paper just as usual but with a huge  

 army of brushes and colours at my disposal.