Baby Elephant Sitting

 Baby Zebra

 Baby Elephant Face

 Baby Panda and Mother

Baby Animals Range

 Baby Rhino

 Baby Giraffe Face

 Baby Emperor Penguin and Father

 Baby Koala

 Baby Three-Toed Sloth and Mother

 Baby Giraffe Sitting 

 Baby Elephant Walking

 Baby Emperor Penguin

My desire for the Baby Animal range was to create an ongoing series of playful, beautiful animal paintings of many different species capturing their innocence​ and personality.

The series has proven immensely popular with people of all ages but in particular children and their parents.  The range looks especially stunning in a nursery or young child's bedroom.

We are currently setting up a Zazzle and Easy store and a new website. If you would like one of these images on a particular product such as a tote bag, framed picture, mug or clock please contact me to discuss your requirements.