A commission can be a long process so timescales are discussed on a one to one basis, but in general a commission will take up to 2 weeks.

​1) send photographs by email and discuss project with Snowball Art

2) £30 non refundable deposit taken

3) Pencil sketch emailed to you to confirm picture structure

4) If pencil only and you are happy with picture then remainder of fee £20 charged, picture sent to you.

5) If digital painting then a near completed version (watermarked) is emailed to you for review.

6) If happy with picture, then painting completed and remainder of fee £50 charged. A4/A3 print sent to you and digital copy in jpg format emailed. 

Deposit: £30 non refundable taken after photographs received and when ready to proceed.

Price: Digital Painting: for an A4/A3 print with jpg copy £80 per pet.

           Pencil Drawing: A4 size only - original work given £50 per pet.

​To discuss a commission please contact me by clicking on link below:


​Commission Examples

A commission is a personal unique gift, that allows you to have your pet drawn in a way of your choosing. It is far more special to the owner than just printing a photograph, or photo-editing. You also can have backgrounds that suit your style or that emphasise the pets beauty and personality.

Many people want more than a photograph for their beloved pet, and a painting or drawing is ideal for pet lovers. You decide how you want your pet or pets immortalised, and I work with you to capture the personality and beauty of the animal.

All my commissions are sketched in pencil first, I then show you the drawing or email it to you to ensure the structure is what you wanted.

Unless you wanted a pencil only drawing I will then digitally paint the picture.

I will then send you a watermarked version to you to make sure your happy with the colour, textures and likeness of the pet. Amendments can be made up unto the final version. In general most amendments are small such as colouring tweaks etc.

​When completed and after final payment is received then you receive an A4 or A3 version of your painting and a jpg digital copy for future use.